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Vrouwen Satijn Spool Hak Closed Toe Pumps met Imitatie Parel Strass Ribbon Tie (047004903)

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Prijslijst: 107.43

Prijs:   42.97
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  • Geslacht:  Vrouwen
  • Schoenen Stijl:  Closed Toe, Pumps
  • Kleur:  Wit
  • Hak Type:  Spool Hak
  • Maat:  34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42
  • Materialen:  Satijn
  • Verfraaiing:  Imitatie Parel, Strass, Ribbon Tie
  • Seizoen:  Herfst, Lente, Zomer, Winter
  • Werkelijke Hakhoogte:  2.56 inch (6.5cm)


De Juiste Maat Vinden:

  • Maat: Trouw aan Maat
  • Breedte: Nauwkeurig
  • Laars Schacht: Trouw aan Maat
  • Ondersteuning Voetholte: Minimaal

Voor schoenmaat conversie, kunt u hieronder raadplegen onze maattabellen:

Dames Schoenen Maat Omrekentabel
Maat Amerikaanse UK Australië Japanese Voet Lengte Omtrek Voet
inch cm inch cm
34 5.5 3.5 5 22 8.66 22 7.8 20
35 6 4 5.5 22.5 8.68-8.91 22.1-22.6 7.9-8.05 20.1-20.4
36 6.5 4.5 6 23 8.92-9.19 22.7-23.3 8.06-8.24 20.5-20.9
37 7 5 6.5 24 9.2-9.46 23.4-24 8.25-8.4 21-21.3
38 7.5 5.5 7 24.5 9.47-9.7 24.1-24.6 8.41-8.6 21.4-21.8
39 8 6 7.5 25 9.71-9.98 24.7-25.3 8.61-8.75 21.9-22.2
40 8.5 6.5 8 26 9.99-10.21 25.4-25.9 8.76-8.95 22.3-22.7
41 9 7 8.5 26.5 10.22-10.49 26-26.6 8.96-9.11 22.8-23.1
42 9.5 7.5 9 27 10.5-10.77 26.7-27.3 9.12-9.3 23.2-23.6
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Product Ervaringen: Product Ervaringen

Door Annemarieatsea2013-11-19 05:34:23SPECIALE AANDACHT VOOR REVIEW
Excellent products! I was so delighted with my purchase! Fantastic quality and i will be recommending to all my friends! So happy Jenjen thank you for making my wedding day!!!
Door Selena2013-07-16 22:34:08SPECIALE AANDACHT VOOR REVIEW
WOW! This is my first try to my this kind of shoes. I never tried it before. I got it yesterday and tried. It fits me and my wedding dress very well. And it is not so high, walking in it is really comfortable. Thank you for your good service!
Door Ella2013-05-10 11:52:09SPECIALE AANDACHT VOOR REVIEW
i got my shoes today.all i can say is WOW. it is very beautiful.i am very much satisfied with the product.i can't wait to wear'perfect. :-)
Door Jamie2013-02-17 22:28:15SPECIALE AANDACHT VOOR REVIEW
I really love these shoes, perfect for my big day, i am very satisfied with the quality of the shoes as i was a little wary as the price is soo cheap, but i was amazed at the quality. Also the team are really helpful when i changed the size of the shoe after putting the order in, (as im not very good with european sizes :p) but they got in touch within 24 hours and gladly changed my order to what i wanted! The shoes are very comfortable too!! I would recommend this site to any one x
Door peter2012-11-14 02:13:49SPECIALE AANDACHT VOOR REVIEW
when i first saw this shoes , i love it in the first sight, but i am not sure about its quality and i have ask so much question about this shoes, and your man kindly all the time. thx
Door Debra2012-11-12 20:46:08SPECIALE AANDACHT VOOR REVIEW
The shoes are very beautiful and look as lovely in person as in the picture. Was slightly bigger than expected but maybe I should have taken more notice of the size guide-I just went from the size I was in shoes in England
Door Emily2012-11-11 21:03:30SPECIALE AANDACHT VOOR REVIEW
I bought these shoes for my wedding.they're quite comfy and i'm sure I won't have any problem wearing them all day long. They are good quality and look very good.
Door Siora2012-11-10 22:15:06SPECIALE AANDACHT VOOR REVIEW
These are comfortable, stylish basic pump. This is a very nice looking career shoe; I'm pleasantly surprised!
Door Mary2012-11-09 20:55:02SPECIALE AANDACHT VOOR REVIEW
what can i say ..... This was an amazing online shopping experience!!! My shoes are more than what i expected and the transaction was fast and easy!!!
Door Elizabeth2012-11-09 00:27:45SPECIALE AANDACHT VOOR REVIEW
I LOVE THESE SHOES!!! I received my order a couple of days ago and I haven’t taken them off since! They are the perfect height, the feel great on, all the diamante things are really stuck on (they don’t fall off when you walk) THEY ARE LIKE PRINCESS SHOES!!!!!! So worth it!!! If you’re thinking about buying them DO IT!!
Uw commentaar is succesvol ingediend! Uw commentaar wordt in de volgende 24 uur gecontroleerd op eventuele ongepaste inhoud. Let op dat uw commentaar in de volgende 24 uur wordt gemonitord op ongepaste inhoud. Dank u voor uw bezoek aan!
Bekijk alle 25 ervaringen van klanten

Klanten Vraag&Antwoord: Klanten Vraag&Antwoord

Door Pamela2013-07-16 00:36:20
Could you please tell me where is the shoes be shipped? Are you in America?

Antwoord van JennyJoseph 2013-07-16 01:53:21

Thanks for shopping on our website!

We are located in China and that’s where the shoes will be sent from. As one of the leading online dress suppliers, our products have been enjoying great popularity throughout the world. Each pair of our shoes is made strictly according to the pictures and with high quality. And the finished shoes will go through a series of inspections before they are sent to your hands. Please rest assured about that.

For anything else we can help with, please feel free to tell us.
Door JANE2012-12-03 21:10:47
Since the size is different from ours, i don't know how to choose the size. Please give me some suggestion. Thanks.

Antwoord van JennyJoseph 2012-12-03 21:26:18

Thanks for contacting us.

Our size chart is based on European sizes. We hope you could refer to our size chart and choose the right size. Here is the link:

If you have any other questions, please kindly let us know.
Door Madalina2012-04-02 09:12:37
Hello, can you please tell me if there is a method to select the Heel height of any of the shoes you have on this site ?Or you can custom make the shoes with the custom heel height I need ?


Antwoord van JennyJoseph 2012-04-02 23:18:31

Thanks for contacting us! This is Hardy,Sales Consultant from I am glad to be at your service. I am sorry but we currently do not offer such kind of service. In fact we do have several kinds of heels to choose from as you can see at: Please be free to contact me for anything I can help.
Uw commentaar is succesvol ingediend! Uw commentaar wordt in de volgende 24 uur gecontroleerd op eventuele ongepaste inhoud. Let op dat uw commentaar in de volgende 24 uur wordt gemonitord op ongepaste inhoud. Dank u voor uw bezoek aan!
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